Tori the Thankful Tree

Written and illustrated by Ashlee in 2023, Tori the Thankful Tree is the story of Tori - a friendly apple tree who lives on a hill. Through the story, we see that no matter the season or weather, Tori finds a reason to be grateful.Throughout the book, there's also a little scavenger hunt to find Tori's hidden apple on each spread. Now, I don't want to spoil the fun - but after much demand, here's a cheat sheet.It's currently available on Amazon, here

When the Babysitter Comes

Written and illustrated by Ashlee in 2019, When the Babysitter Comes tells the story of all the fun two tigers have when their elephant babysitter comes to take care of them during one afternoon!It's currently available on Amazon, here.

Other Select Illustrations

Below are a small selection of favorite illustrations Ashlee has completed over the years.