Creative Builder - Well-Being enthusiast - I am Me. 

Leadership in Tech. Data Guru. Process Improver. Software Engineer. Children’s Book Author and Illustrator. Wellness Advocate and Running Coach. An absolute multi-hyphenate. The thread that runs through all of my passions? Building. I’m a builder at heart with a core passion to build for others. I build to grow, inspire and ultimately, promote the health, well-being and happiness of others. 
An imaginative mind, honest attitude, strong communicator, positive in the face of adversity. This is me. 
So, what have I built? Here’s a handful of my favorites:
  • LEADERSHIP | Built, drove two small teams tied to Engineering Development and Organizational Effectiveness at Humana. Initiatives focused on Onboarding, Continuous Learning, Talent Pipelines, Workforce Skills Planning, Process Improvement, and Associate Well-Being.
  • DEVELOPER | Designed, created and eventually technically led building analytical models to predict trends in both structured and unstructured data. 
  • ILLUSTRATION | Authoring, illustrating and publishing When the Babysitter Comes and Tori the Thankful Tree - two children's books.
  • CREATIVITY | Use photography, videography, painting, digital art, writing on and off the clock.
  • WELLNESS AND RUNNING | I’m a Certified RRCA (Road Runners of America) Level 1 Running Coach. I’ve been running for ten years (2 marathons and counting!) and I believe that sweat sessions make you a stronger, healthier and happier human. Get moving!
  • CONSTRUCTION | Designing and building a 6’ x 8’ chicken coop.

My professional qualifications, you ask? I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University, College of Engineering in 2015. Since then, I’ve completed additional courses tied to Computer Science (Data Visualization, Technology Education, etc.) through Georgia Tech. After hours, my loved ones come first. In my free time, when I'm not working on building something - I'm typically crafting new workout plans - or out on a long run.Need help building something? Reach out, I'd love to help!